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Alpengold - Hebofrut

About Alpengold

Our company, Hebofrut, is based in Lana in the South Tyrol. We talk to each of our clients about their individual requirements - our priority is to ensure that you can enjoy a piece of the South Tyrol every time you order Alpengold.

Top quality delivered in sophisticated packaging: that's what Alpengold stands for - an exclusive brand for carefully handselected, top quality apples.

Sheltered by the Alps to the north and facing the open countryside to the south, the South Tyrol has the perfect conditions for a first class apple-cultivating region.

True Tyrolean apples don't just have a uniquely fresh flavour - they're a healthy, tasty treat for the whole family.

Quality you can taste: We'll be happy to provide you with proof!

South Tyrol - The Apple Paradise

300 days - or 2000 hours - of South Tyrolean sunshine mean our apples ripen perfectly.
Ideal conditions for high quality apple cultivation.

Our sophisticated



6 fruits
11 trays per case
Case W 40 / L 60 / H 18 cm
EUROPALETTE 80 x 120 cm
Basis 4 x 12 layers = 48 pieces

Case 30cm x 50cm

W 30 cm x L 50 cm x H 10 cm
approx. 4 - 4.5 kg net
PALETTE 100 x 120 cm
Base 8 x 21 layers = 168 pieces
EUROPALETTE 80 x 120 cm
Base 6 x 21 layers = 126 pieces

Case 40 cm x 60 cm

W 40 cm x L 60 cm x H 11 cm
approx. 6,5 - 7 kg net
PALETTE 100 x 120 cm
Base 5 x 12 layers = 100 pieces
EUROPALETTE 80 x 120 cm
Base 4 x 20 layers = 80 pieces

Your Benefits

An exclusive brand that guarantees fresh, top quality products
A highly competent team of staff ensuring your customer satisfaction
Transport on schedule: secure delivery, fast

A healthy, tasty treat for the whole family

85% of their mass is water, but apples aren't just thirst quenching: they contain hardly any fat, plus they're rich in healthy vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

In addition, they boast high Vitamin C levels - on average 12 mg/100g, which provides around 15% of your required daily intake. Vitamin C content can vary depending on the variety, level of ripeness, time of harvesting and storage.

100 g of apple delivers 53 kcal, providing a valuable source of energy from easily digestible fructose. The blood transports this directly to the muscles, where it is immediately transformed into energy.

Our team

Armin Egger

Sole shareholder

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Philipp Ausserer

Buying and selling

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Stefan Egger

Buying and selling

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Oskar Weiss


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